Young experts shape the African Governance Architecture


Demonstrating its growing influence and respect among institutions in Africa and across the world, the AYP in May 2015, partnered with the African Union Department of Political Affairs to organize a technical workshop bringing youth experts to propose and write a work plan for its youth engagement strategy.

The work of the Africa Governance Architecture (AGA), especially on Governance, aligns with the panel’s thematic focus on Governance making such partnership not only strategic but mutually beneficial.

The Meeting attracted 40 young persons and provided them an opportunity to shape a continental agenda which includes building the capacity of young people and youth organizations around governance as well as strengthening knowledge generation.

The African Youth Panel is holding talks with the AGA secretariat to jointly manage one or two of the specific outcomes from the workshop.

The workshop was also attended by senior African Union officials, including the Commissioner on Political Affairs at the African Union.

Posted on: June 15, 2015, by : Jack Chongola

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