The Summit

The African Youth Panel (AYP) is planning to hold the second Members Extra-Ordinary Summit in Addis from 30th October to 1st November 2011. The summit will coincide with the commemoration of the African Youth Day, which is marked each year on 1st November. The Summit, being held under the theme “Youth participation, networking and strengthening capacity for Sustainable Development in Africa” will bring together members of the panel from across Africa to review progress in the institutionalization of the panel and deliberate on ideas for a strategic framework and activities for a specific period to be agreed. The African Youth Panel was established in 2008 as an advisory body to the Africa Commission set up by the Danish Government.
The Commission was also launched by the Prime Minister of Denmark in 2008. It consisted of Heads of State and governments, politicians, experts, representatives from international and regional organisations as well as the business community, civil society and the academic world. The majority of the Commissioners were from Africa, which reflected the Commission’s overriding commitment to ensure African ownership of its recommendations and initiatives. The Commission addressed ways to create employment for young people through private sector-led growth and improved competitiveness of African economies.
The AYP Summit will look to deliver a new strategic identity and framework for the panel. It will also provide members with an opportunity to review progress in activities conducted thus far and collect ideas for more initiatives to be implemented as part of the framework. It will also elect a new Steering Committee and use the opportunity of being in Ethiopia at the time to participate in African Youth Day commemoration activities.
Participants at the Summit will also include representatives from the African Union Commission’s Youth Division, the Danish Church Aid and the Roskilde Festival, who are all strategic partners of the panel.
The Summit

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  1. How can I be a full member of the Organisation which work for my continent developpment. I would like really to participate…….

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