International Youth Day – Malawi AYP activities

On the 12th August 2015 Malawi held a Facebook Chat  with Hon Juliana Lunguzi ( MP) who is a strong advocate and Champion for Youth Empowerment and Pacification as well as on health matters. She is the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Health.

On the 15th August 2015 the World Bank Youth Network also took part in the Public Debate organized by the National Youth Council of Malawi on the Theme Youth Civic Engagement. The Network was also invited to participate in the Actual IYD commemoration event in Malawi on 21st August.

The Network will also be signing an MOU with World Vision on a number of initiatives spanning from Youth Education, Internships, Agriculture Promotions, Role Modelling and Career Guidance, Capacity BuSet featured imageilding, Reproductive Health etc.

A Photography Workshop was also organized on the 15th August as part of Youth Skills Development, about 30 people registered for the event, the sessions where facilitated by some of the top Malawian Photographers and Photojournalists.

International Youth Day – Malawi AYP activities

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