The African Youth Forum on SDG’s was held on the 25 of September, 2015 in New York, on the margins of the official opening of the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly and adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).
The meeting discussed the role of African youths in the popularization and implementation of the SDG’s. Key emphasis were made on youth ownership, monitoring and accountability of the SDG’s at all levels. The forum will also dilate on lessons learnt from the attainment of MDG’s and role of young people in Africa.
This outcome document serves to underline the African Youth Panel’s commitment through members of the African Youth Alliance on Post2015 (AYAP) to promote youth power, energy and enthusiasm in championing the SDG’s in Africa

Discussions at the forum on the theme ”Ensuring Youth Participation and Ownership of the SDG’s in
Africa” looked at what issues will be important to highlight to the African Union and member states,
UN Agencies, Civil Society Organizations and development partners working in Africa. The following
were the issues highlighted;
1. Capacitate young people and youth led organizations in Africa with relevant training and
resources to champion the popularization, implementation and monitoring of the Sustainable
Development Goals at the local and national level.
2. Strengthen the role of volunteerism to achieve the SDGS
3. Mainstream gender, equality and non-discrimination, as core values in the implementation of
the SDG’s, with a special focus on young woman
4. Amplify the role of ICT, progressive technologies and social media in the creating awareness
about the global goals
5. Promote mutual accountability, intergenerational dialogue and partnerships for SDGs
6. Emphasize and special focus in addressing youth unemployment, extremism irregular
migration and youth in conflict
7. Financing for youth development and budgets to accelerate the implementation of SDGS
8. Creating synergies and joint implementation strategy for SDG’s and Africa Agenda 2063


Commitment by the African Youth Panel/AYAP

AYP and members of AYAP commits to;

1. Ensuring a coordinated youth engagement in the implementation of the SDG’s in Africa. The
AYP, through its members and partners, will carry out country advocacy pilot projects on the
popularization and implementation of the SDG’s in 2015-2016.
2. To conduct online dialogues to collate ideas from young people on the priorities they would
like to see emphasized in the implementation of the SDG’s.
3. The AYP is also able to work closely with the African Union Commission and partners to
facilitate the development of an African Youth Engagement Strategy on SDG’s and Agenda
4. The Panel can also provide an important and informed youth voice in the technical,
programmatic and bilateral discussions, borrowing from extensive experience pursuing the
African Youth Charter agenda across the continent in strategic dialogue events and gatherings,
and at the international level on youth and SDG’s.
5. Endorse and collaborate with the UN Youth Envoys Office on the Gateway Project on
Sustainable Development Goals’
6. Fundraise and strengthen the work of the African Youth Alliance on Post 2015 to coordinate
African youths efforts towards the implementation of the SDG’s


Outcome Document African Youth Forum SDGs UNGA70 New York

Posted on: October 23, 2015, by : Jack Chongola

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