The African Youth Panel is a platform of youth leaders from different African Countries committed to advancing policy, political and economic actions to reduce youth unemployment and enhance governance and participation. Membership consists of youth leaders from diverse skills and backgrounds including academicians, Civil Society experts and politicians.

The AYP was initiated by the Danish NGO Forum to provide input to the Danish Africa Commission (DAC) on what youth can do in Africa’s development as well in what development partners should do to ensure that tangible results are achieved with their support.

The final DAC report recognised the importance of investing in young people for development in Africa. Consequently, the AYP received a grant from the Roskilde Festival Society to carry out its advocacy and capacity building work and to further strengthen its membership.

The African Youth Panel (AYP) is a non-profit and non-governmental platform of participation and exchange among youths in Africa, promoting the culture of development and implementing local, national and regional initiatives through its member organizations.

The structure of AYP comprise of a Panel of 60 young people in over 23 African countries, the Steering Committee is the governance arm of the AYP with representatives from all sub-regions of Africa and an African youth from the Diaspora.