Month: May 2015

Malagasy youth define their priorities in the Post 2015 agenda

“For the very first time, Malagasy young people are calling technical partners to present their own priority and their own agenda”
Victorine Brunie, 21 years old 
Chair of JPE Antsinanana
Member of the Madagascar Coordination Team for the My World Survey



DSC_8336 (640x426)
Youth volunteers explaining the offline voting system

The African Youth Panel (AYP), through Youth First, has played a key role in organizing a national consultation for Malagasy Youth. The consultation was convened to identify Malagasy youth priorities in the Post 2015 agenda process, and launch a national campaign to mobilize youth votes for the MyWorldSurvey. In March 2015, one month before the launch of the campaign, only 903 votes were recorded from Madagascar. To date, 13,448 people from the country have voted in the Survey thanks to the outreach made possible by a mini grant provided by AYP.

The campaign established a national coordination body comprised of three youth organizations from three of the biggest regions in Madagascar. The body was tasked with convening the national consultation for youth on their priorities for the Agenda post 2015. Using multichannel communication, more than 50,000 young people were reached through social media, interpersonal meetings, school visits and exhibitions. After a series of trainings, 450 volunteers went in various locations to mobilize votes from Malagasy youth. The national consultation was the only formal youth mobilization activity in the country to have the coverage and reach recorded thus far.

DSCF5174 (800x600)
Out of school girls voting at the market

After the field collection, the national coordination body met in Antananarivo to consolidate the results of the votes and developed a Strategic plan based on the three main priorities: Education, Employment and Health. This strategic plan will benefit young people from 12 regions in Madagascar and champion a more comprehensive approach for youth development in the country. The plan was presented to all stakeholders in youth development as part of the dissemination plan with the aim of influencing local programming for youth. Representatives from the Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Finance and Budget welcomed the plan and acknowledged the effort to conduct such consultations, which can be used by all stakeholders and can drive local programming instead of waiting for the next United Nations General Assembly.

Youth First and its partners are now working to establish a Basket Fund to fund youth initiatives and promote entrepreneurship.

DSC_9480 (800x532)
The national coordination team presenting voting outcomes to partners

MyWorld Survey Mini Grant to reach 200,000 new votes in Africa

The African Youth Panel, in partnership with the UN Millennium Campaign is supporting 10 youth organizations in 10 African countries to engage in the MyWorld Survey with mini grants valued at just under Four (4) thousand US dollars. The grants are to assist the organizations to conduct MyWorld Surveys in the countries to reach a target of 200,000 new votes across Africa.

The following are the organizations supported and countries respectively;

  1. Central African Republic – Novel Escape pour le Partenariat au Developpment en Centrafrique (NEPADCA)
  2. The Gambia Children and Community Initiative for Development
  3. Ghana – YELF
  4. Madagascar – YouthFirst
  5. Malawi – World Bank Youth Network
  6. Mozambique – Visao Juvenil Mozambique
  7. Namibia – Young Achievers
  8. Nigeria – YouthHubAfrica
  9. Sudan – UNV United Nations
  10. Zambia – Alliance of Youth Entrepreneurs

The visualization below shows a brief status of progress in the 10 countries thus far. Hover or click on the highlighted countries for more information.